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Success Story | Self Improvement

Together, as a team we are there to encourage our kids to be the best the can be, physically and mentally. Samantha is a 14 year old girl in foster care, who has taken it upon herself to make some serious lifestyle changes. She has struggled with her weight and has health concerns due to her previous unhealthy lifestyle.

This past summer Samantha has embraced a healthier diet and started walking with her Foster Mom for exercise. Since school began, she took it upon herself to join the 8th grade volleyball team and she even walks to practice each day! We are happy to report she is doing well in the “server” position and is making friends on the team. Her worker went to support her at a recent game and said it was wonderful to see her in action.

We are so proud of Samantha for making a change to benefit herself, this goes to show that one small change can turn into a bigger change. Because of her dedication she had made new friends and started a new sport that will continue to motivate her to keep a healthy lifestyle.

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