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One Last Christmas Wish | Beds for a Family of 7

First, we would like to thank all of your who have contributed in a variety of ways to help our kids and families this season.  Each gift so carefully picked out…we love when you ask what style of coat the child wants or if a doll should be of a certain ethnicity.

One thing is for certain…we can only bless our kids with your support! It is only because of your kindness that the magic of the Christmas season is alive and well in our homes.

We have one last request – and it is a big one! Granting this wish will have a huge impact on a family and meet the basic needs for some of our kids.  Calling all elves – are you ready to help?

There is currently a family of 7 in our Home-Based Services program.  Grandma has recently obtained custody and CHOICES is providing services to help the family stabilize with this change. We will be working hard to help the family stay together, addressing the needs of each child and the family along the way.

This family with 6 kids has a large need – each child needs a bed and the youngest needs a crib.  Giving the gift of peaceful rest for each child will have a big impact.  The kids will be more alert at school, overall emotions will be more positive with rested minds, and each kid will have a place to retreat for quiet time.

Will you be able to help? No donation is too small! Donations can be made online by clicking here. We expect that it will take many donations for us to meet our goal.  Here is what we are trying to achieve:

Plan A:  Overall cost is approximately $900.  This will purchase 5 twin mattresses, box springs, bed frames. 10 pillows for the kids, a crib and crib mattress for the baby.

Plan B: Overall cost is approximately $375. This will purchase 5 twin air mattresses. 10 pillows, a crib and crib mattress for the baby.

We currently have a donor matched who will be providing bedding for each of the kids!

We are not able to accept gently used mattresses due to our donation policies and the logistics of picking up and dropping off will also be difficult for us to manage this time of year.  This is why we are requesting donations for us to purchase the mattresses and have them delivered to Grandma.

However, we can accept a gently used crib that has a non drop down side and is manufactured after June 2011.

One last big wish that will be much appreciated by the family – are you in? Donate easily online here: http://bit.ly/2AhSmce

Now is the time to #GiveJoy to a family very much in need of some Christmas love!


Questions? Contact Ashley Pester at apester@choicesfostercare.com or 513-659-8202.


Please share with anyone you may know who can help!

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