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Success Story | Acceptance into the Cosmetology Program

It often is a long road to success for our kids and the journey starts before they enter one of our programs.  “A” is a young lady who has been receiving our Home-Based Services and is about to successfully leave the program.

Like the path of many of our kids A has had her ups and downs, with some really big downs. This includes multiple moves between relative’s homes and the death of her Grandmother who she was the closest with out of all of her family. A had always dreamed of getting into the cosmetology program at Ponitz.  When she shared this with her caseworker she was disappointed because she had missed the deadline to apply.

A’s caseworker told her “Do NOT tell yourself no, let the universe tell you no! Just because the deadline has passed doesn’t mean that we throw up our hands in the air and give up on our dreams.”  A then began to research everything she needed to do to apply and reported back to her caseworker.

For one of A’s sessions she was instructed to gather all her admission paperwork and get dressed up professionally, and her worker was able to practice how to introduce herself to the Admissions Officer prior to their meeting. Then they went off to Ponitz to take one of the final steps towards her dream.

At first there were concerns about A’s past behavior including acting out behaviors, suspension and expulsion.  With A’s permission the CHOICES caseworker was able to share and advocate for A that during those years is when her Grandmother was ill and then later had passed from cancer. A was the caretaker of her Grandmother during the final months, and her death had a big impact on A’s schooling.

After sharing why her behaviors were what they were, and how they have changed the Admission’s Officer changed her tone to be more understanding, they spoke 45 minutes longer.  Prior to leaving the Admission’s Officer said, “I would have been sad to have missed the opportunity to meet with you today, I am so glad I was available. It has been my pleasure to meet with you”, and she shook A’s hand.

One week later A received a call that she has been accepted to the cosmetology program at Ponitz for next year.  We are so happy to hear that her persistence and preparation even after the deadline has blessed her with this opportunity.  We wish her the best as she starts to live her dream!

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